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Asian Hornets, What to Do?

Are you being invaded by Asian hornets? Do you want to get rid of these pests but don’t know how anymore? Is your usual hornet trap not working or catching many other insects? Unsure of what to put in a hornet trap or which bait to use?

Discover Ornetin, the effective hornet trap that offers a simple and environmentally friendly solution. Ornetin helps eliminate Asian hornets without harming other species: thanks to its innovative design, this selective hornet trap specifically targets Asian hornets without affecting the rest of the biodiversity. It’s a trap that can be easily installed in the apiary, at home, or in the garden. You will reduce the pressure that Asian hornets exert in your area and effectively contribute to the collective fight against this pest.

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Why Should We Trap Asian Hornets?

Asian hornets pose a real threat to our biodiversity. By attacking insects and primarily preying on butterflies and bees, they exert significant pressure on our pollinators, which has a domino effect on the entire ecosystem. Installing an Asian hornet trap is a viable option to counter this invasive threat.

At the departmental level, Asian hornets destroy an average of 60 tons of insects. To combat this scourge, insects, already struggling with other threats, must adapt to this invasive species, which currently has no predators or competitors to regulate it. This is why we have invented Ornetin, an effective, selective, and easy-to-use hornet trap.

A good trap must be selective.

Traps for Asian hornets must be selective to avoid harming biodiversity. Ornetin does not require a liquid bait (except in spring) and features large openings that allow insects that enter to easily exit. With each use, we have confirmed exceptional effectiveness without collateral effects on other species. It is THE selective and effective hornet trap!

A good trapping method is also distributed widely.

The distribution of anti-hornet traps must be widespread to effectively cover an area. Therefore, the solution must be accessible to everyone. Spread across the entire territory, Ornetin can be used by everyone, thanks to its ease of use and safety, which are essential. If you want to get rid of Asian hornets and protect bees, Ornetin is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution!

Water bottle traps catch more flies and butterflies than Asian hornets.

Recent research on these traps shows that in spring, the ratio is 250 insects killed for every single Asian hornet caught! This is due to the liquid bath of beer and syrup at the bottom of the trap, where all insects that enter end up drowning. Ornetin, which operates without an attractive liquid, demonstrates much higher selectivity. This makes it the best hornet trap for those seeking an environmentally friendly solution.

It's essential to trap, but do it right!

Faced with the threat of Asian hornets, this invasive species, trapping is clearly a solution. However, trapping must be done correctly. Not all traps are equivalent.

Les atouts d'Ornetin

The strengths of Ornetin

Ornetin incorporates a highly effective trap into a hyper-simple design that stands apart from any other. Its effectiveness relies on fundamentally different mechanisms compared to more common “bottle” traps.

Ornetin operates dry, without a liquid bath (except in spring). It also functions horizontally, featuring a large exposure surface and multiple holes for visibility inside. It’s incredibly practical and easy to distribute in multiple locations. As for bait, it’s minimalistic—no beer or wine, just two spoonfuls of cane or beet syrup. And of course, it’s 100% washable for lifelong effectiveness. You’ll keep it forever.

In essence, Ornetin is not just a hornet trap; it represents innovation in both home and professional hornet trapping solutions. Designed to be durable, reusable, and extremely cost-effective compared to other methods, it offers long-term attractiveness.

The Ornetin team also supports a broad community. Users of Ornetin often share field trapping experiences that are invaluable for refining trapping methods based on locations and seasons. We dedicate significant effort to consolidate and widely share this information on our website (ornetin.com/resources) in three languages.

The battle against these invaders is complex, but with the right tools, we can effectively protect our biodiversity.

Thanks to Ornetin, tackling Asian hornets becomes a less daunting task!

Ornetin: How does this Asian hornet trap work?

Getting rid of Asian hornets simply and effectively? It’s possible!

Pour two tablespoons of beet syrup onto an absorbent material like straw, cotton, or paper. This limited bait will attract the first two or three hornets. They will then call all their fellow hornets to it through the multiple holes on the large “exposure” surface.

Your mission is to trap the hornets and keep them alive for as long as possible to maintain the trap’s attractiveness! When your Ornetins are full, it’s time to empty them. You can easily immerse them in a bucket of water for 6 hours. Then, drain and clean them. Bait and repeat!

The hornet trap offering the lowest cost for selective trapping!

Although Ornetin may have a slightly higher upfront cost, it is by far the most cost-effective homemade hornet trap in terms of total operating expenses.

With bait consisting of just two spoonfuls of sugar syrup per week, ongoing costs are minimal. There’s no need for beer, wine, or blackcurrant syrup (outside of queen trapping season), which makes a significant difference.

After 5 months, the overall cost is lower compared to other traps (non-selective ones).
After 12 months, Ornetin becomes cheaper than homemade ‘bottle’ hornet traps (non-selective ones)!

Ornetin total cost

En partenariat avec Le Parfait

Le parfait et Ornetin

In partnership with Le Parfait

Le Parfait needs no introduction! These jars have been a part of everyday life for the French since 1930 and are passed down from generation to generation.

Beyond the concept of reusing what already exists, we appreciate the quality and durability of these jars. Their ease of handling and the convenience of cleaning, thanks to their wide 100 mm opening, are remarkable.

The strengths of these Made in France jars, available in 750 or 1000 ml sizes, are also one of the reasons behind the effectiveness of Ornetin!

This jar allows you to create a hornet trap without liquid bait, thereby reducing unintended captures. Utilizing Le Parfait jars in the design of our Asian hornet trap not only enables quick and easy setup due to the threading but also enhances effectiveness in attracting Asian hornets. The wide 100mm mouth provides a large exposure surface, minimizing risks to other insects.

Moreover, the absence of a narrow neck makes emptying and cleaning the trap effortless. With just a simple twist, the trap is cleaned, free from residual odors, and ready to use again.

With Le Parfait jars, creating a homemade hornet trap becomes not only accessible but also extremely straightforward! In essence, behind its apparent simplicity, Ornetin is THE hornet trap that has revolutionized trapping. Every aspect of its design has been meticulously crafted to offer a simple and effective solution while preserving our biodiversity.

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